This One Is On Us

Last night I got an email which really got me excited. This One Is On Us, a Nine Inch Nails community project, is really getting going. Completely organised by NIN’s fan community, it involves compiling onto discs the many hours of live tour footage given away by Trent Reznor that were filmed during 2008’s Lights in the Sky Tour to support The Slip. A few weeks ago I signed up to request a triple-DVD set of the footage, and the email I got last night gave me the oppurtunity to pay my $6 and complete my order. Whilst I’m far from a priority customer having put my request in so late, the shipping is scheduled to begin on the 15th of March. The thought of having a NIN DVD made for me by other fans and possessed only by a select few is really exciting.

Besides organising this DVD/Blu-Ray project, This One Is On Us have also used their website to offer links to various snippets of the footage already compiled and uploaded to video sites by community members. I linked to one of these in my top frontmen post about Reznor, but here’s the main “Your Edits” page – there’s some great stuff there. I’ve just got to try to be patient waiting for my DVDs now!

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