[Audio] Daughter – “Run”

London trio Daughter have been a fascinating prospect for a while now. I wrote a little something about Elena Tonra’s atmospheric folk project towards the end of last year, and now the word is that a debut LP can be expected on 4AD sometime early in 2013. New single “Smother” has just been released, and in an interesting move its B-side is this re-worked version of “Run”, which first appeared on Daughter’s Demos EP.

Getting some airplay in high street shops, “Run” really transcended the very DIY efforts that were early Daughter EPs. Its resurrection as the new single’s B-side is an intriguing nod to the band’s past, although its origins as an early track aren’t being made particularly clear. Much more oblique than the old version, Daughter’s reinvention of the song brings it much more into line with the darker tones of the 2011 EPs His Young Heart and The Wild Youth - it will be interesting to see how it is received.

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