Review: Lucy Rose – Like I Used To

Artist: Lucy Rose
Title: Like I Used To
Label: Columbia
Review @ TLOBF
Score: 7.5/10

Lucy Rose’s “haste to state that she is neither ‘just a girl with a guitar singing about how she feels’ nor reliant on love songs is strange given that Like I Used To is, err, an album of love songs about feelings, by a girl. With a guitar, even. But Rose can rest easy – while her record is much closer to established models than she would have us believe, it remains a solid effort which stands up well on its own.”

Read the rest of the review at The Line of Best Fit

NME Goes Manics-Mad (Again)

The UK’s last remaining weekly music rag gets a bad rap, often with very good reason. However, it does have some good writers, and what really lets it off the hook for me is that they’ve had the good sense to be followers of Manic Street Preachers as dedicated as almost any vociferous fan, almost from the beginning. This last few days though, NME have gone completely Manics-crazy on an epic scale, with tons of bizarre stories popping up as the release of tenth album Postcards From a Young Man approaches. Vociferous fan that I am, I’ve rounded them up below. More

New Manics Single Blog @ PopMatters

Manic Street Preachers, my favourite band, are releasing their tenth album in September. I am more than slightly excited, which was heightened when I heard the radio rip of the new single “It’s Not War (Just the End of Love)” a week or so back. Since then, the track has been getting quite a bit of deserved airplay – some Manics fans will be disgusted that the radio play is largely on BBC Radio 2, but I’m thrilled, as Radio 2 remains the biggest in the country and the Manics deserve some big sales with this one. Naturally I’ve written a quick blog about the track for PopMatters, but there’s also interesting NME and The Fly track-by-tracks to read, if you’re that way inclined.

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