Justice in the World: Dr. John Grabs Deserved Grammy

So the Grammy Awards took place last night in Los Angeles, and the main headline news is that Gotye and Kimbra won Record of the Year for their dreary and staggeringly successful ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, and that the likes of fun. and Mumford & Sons also picked up awards. Reason enough to not follow the headlines, you might think – fortunately though, the National Academy still has some class. Dr. John won Best Blues Album for his fantastic LP Locked Down (review). Congratulations to the good doctor!

A TLOBF Review Roundup

No less than four of my music reviews for TLOBF have gone live in the last few days, so it seems sensible to do a roundup of them, however briefly. After all, I’m far too busy buggering about with my shiny new phone to bother putting in a lot of writing-based effort. On Monday I reviewed the debut EP Enlli by Welsh (and Welsh-language) post-rock band Yucatan, who are curiously named after a part of Mexico. They are, as everyone will forever point out, a lot like Sigur Rós. Yesterday there was Tribal, the new album by blues legend Dr. John, who played down the road at Cornbury the other week, not that I saw him…

Also yesterday my review of the debut EP by The Lost Cavalry, which goes by the excellent name of Waves Freeze to Rolling Seas. You might know their frontman, Mark West, from having been in Fanfarlo once upon a time. Finally, today my words about the debut album by Alaskan folkster Sjofn appeared. Secret wins the dubious honour of “worst record I’ve reviewed this week” but it’s still not bad so cut the lass some slack eh? More reviews very soon, I plan to be busy.

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Jeff Buckley - "Eternal Life"


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