Review: Rebekka Karijord – We Become Ourselves

Artist: Rebekka Karijord
Title: We Become Ourselves
Label: Control Freak Kitten
Review @ TLOBF
Score: 7.5/10

More wide-ranging thematically but also more consistent in tone than Karijord’s impressive last record, We Become Ourselves is a another strong statement of steady, continued development on the part of one of Scandinavia’s most reliable singer-songwriters. Heady and deep without being inaccessible, it is a set of songs which reward repeated listening and one which younger challengers would be right to envy.

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2011’s Top Ten LPs (My Two Cents)

I read an amusing tweet earlier – Any Decent Music, the Scottish music review aggregator site, announced that “those laggards at TLOBF have finally completed their best albums list, so the Best Of The Best Ofs is now wrapped up”. That’s ADM’s epic undertaking which aggregates “best of 2011″ lists and has produced a top 50 from them. Of all the contributing publications TLOBF took the longest to get their list up, which I think says something about how seriously the editorial team took the exercise. Of course, the whole affair shows just how many publications want a look-in at the best albums game: to the music criticism world, they’re what this time of year is about.

At the same time, having an opinion is what us music writers do, and here’s my hat thrown into the ring. I make no claim that I’ve heard hundreds of records in 2011, and certainly I’ve heard a fraction of even the big ones – but this is my list of personal favourites, the records which have made the biggest impact on me and the ones which I’ll forever connect with the developments the year has brought into my own life. As usual, there’s not a lot of crossover with the lists ADM aggregated, but hopefully a few underheard gems which could do for you what they did for me. More

New Review – Rebekka Karijord

“The Noble Art of Letting Go possesses a powerful kind of nakedness and honesty which on occasion makes it a mildly uncomfortable listen in the best possible way. Indeed this is the only important link between Karijord’s musician and actress selves; despite the minor distractions of her sometimes idiosyncratic use of lyrical English, she retains a capacity to make her audience feel her emotions.”

It’s been a while, but I’ve got another review up on the wonnderful TLOBF. This is a record called The Noble Art of Letting Go, by the Norwegian songstress Rebekka Karijord and I’ve given it the “TLOBF Recommended” tag which is something I try to use sparingly – as you might hope, I was thoroughly impressed by this record. Originally released in Scandinavia in 2009, this great, emotive record is perhaps robbed of a chance to really make an impact here in the UK in 2011, but it’s absolutely worth a listen.

There’s even a guest appearance by Ane Brun, another Norwegian singer-songwriter whose last album I was very fond of way back in February 2009. Check it out.

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