[Audio] Daughter – “Run”

London trio Daughter have been a fascinating prospect for a while now. I wrote a little something about Elena Tonra’s atmospheric folk project towards the end of last year, and now the word is that a debut LP can be expected on 4AD sometime early in 2013. New single “Smother” has just been released, and in an interesting move its B-side is this re-worked version of “Run”, which first appeared on Daughter’s Demos EP. More

[Video] Foreign Slippers – “Avalanche”

Only a week or so after I mentioned that it was in the pipeline, the video for “Avalanche” by brilliant Swedish folk-pop songstress Foreign Slippers has arrived. Directed by Harry Amies and involving a great many other contributions, the video sees a pair of crude puppets in a slightly unnerving story, intercut with Gabi Frödén singing and looking suitably mystical. The song is a real highlight of the debut Foreign Slippers record Farewell to the Old Ghosts and adds some elements of dark soul to Frödén’s usual acoustic sound. Click “more” to watch the video below, or see it on Vimeo.

Foreign Slippers play Upstairs at the Garage in London on the 13th of October, supported by Burning Codes. I may just have to make plans for another trip to the Big Smoke…


[Video] Manic Street Preachers – “This is the Day”

To promote their forthcoming singles compilation National Treasures (out October 31st), the boys from Blackwood cover The The’s “This is the Day” from their 1983 LP Soul Mining. The video features archive footage of the band dating decades back through their career.

[Video] Imelda May – “Mayhem”

This single came out way back in September of last year but I’m posting it for no other reason than because it’s a great tune and because I just got off the phone with Imelda May – I’ll be putting together a full interview article for PopMatters in the near future.

Goldheart Assembly – “Harvest in the Snow”

As I discovered when I met up with them at Summer Sundae last August, Goldheart Assembly are a thoroughly nice set of chaps. I’ve just got around to hearing their new single “Harvest in the Snow”. Not only is the song the centrepiece of this lovely video, but it’s also freely downloadable on the band’s official site – go go go!

Swimming – ‘Sun in the Island’

I don’t normally post music on this here blog, but with the wonderful Swimming I must make an exception. This cracking single and video promote their forthcoming second LP, out soon on East Village Records. If it’s half as good as their debut The Fireflow Trade, it’ll be one to look out for. Plus, I’ll hopefully be able to catch them in Stoke in April…

Manics: Softcore Pawn Video

I penned a few words about the new Manics video for TLOBF:

If a video features Anna Friel and Michael Sheen as chess players representing the Soviet Union and Wales respectively, then generally speaking you can bet it’s a Manic Street Preachers effort. This particular one promotes “(It’s Not War) Just the End of Love”, the band’s first single for three years and their first from forthcoming tenth album Postcards From a Young Man, released on September 20th on Columbia.

The video for “(It’s Not War) Just the End of Love” can be watched on YouTube here.

Truck Looms…

Less than 24 hours before Friday’s Truckers will be starting to enjoy the festival, and much less than 48 before the less-hardcore like me will be turning up on Saturday. I’m steadily getting my plans together as to who to see, helped a little by the man himself, Bob Harris, who’s running his own stage. Annoyed that I won’t have my new phone in time, but I’ll find a way to bring the festival to those who aren’t there, I’m sure. TLOBF coverage to follow, remember!

Revisiting Lindisfarne

I’ve been revisiting Lindisfarne; not the island, mind, but the band. This happened because some friends of mine in KCB (Keele Concert Band) played a “Lindisfarne Rhapsody” concert on Saturday which I helped out at, selling tea and coffee and the like. Enjoyable as the concert was, I soon found myself hankering after some 70s Tyneside folk-rock, which alas the concert had nothing to do with.

I first encountered the band when I was a kid, through a compilation of theirs my mum and dad had in the house. All the famous songs were there – “Meet Me on the Corner”, “Lady Eleanor”, “Fog on the Tyne”. I was actually a particularly big fan of “Clear White Light”… I’ve listened to these songs and more over the last couple of days, helped out both by YouTube and the increasingly ad-riddled Spotify. I always find it interesting to re-listen to bands I liked as a kid because I can see them through a different lens, if you like, because now I have a much better sense of musical appreciation. I can appreciate their vocal harmonies much more now, as well as the mando and guitar playing. On top of that, I can get more of the wit from their lyrics, whereas before I didn’t understand a lot about what was being sung. I remember I loved the line “sittin’ in a sleazy snack bar suckin’ sickly sausage rolls” which famously opens “Fog on the Tyne” though…

Now I can tell that “All Fall Down” has a wonderful sort of pastoral, old-fashioned environmentalism to it, using biting sarcasm to bemoan the loss of plants and trees, that have a sort of natural legacy that can’t be replaced. Thinking of it now, it reminds me of a conversation I had the other night about how this whole country was once densely forested, but now it’s all gone… has been gone for hundreds of years in fact. The  song I’m going to post a link to I’m really glad I could find on YouTube, because there’s really very little Lindisfarne on there. It’s called “Winter Song” and it’s a lovely, intelligent but a little chilling song.

This One Is On Us

Last night I got an email which really got me excited. This One Is On Us, a Nine Inch Nails community project, is really getting going. Completely organised by NIN’s fan community, it involves compiling onto discs the many hours of live tour footage given away by Trent Reznor that were filmed during 2008’s Lights in the Sky Tour to support The Slip. A few weeks ago I signed up to request a triple-DVD set of the footage, and the email I got last night gave me the oppurtunity to pay my $6 and complete my order. Whilst I’m far from a priority customer having put my request in so late, the shipping is scheduled to begin on the 15th of March. The thought of having a NIN DVD made for me by other fans and possessed only by a select few is really exciting.

Besides organising this DVD/Blu-Ray project, This One Is On Us have also used their website to offer links to various snippets of the footage already compiled and uploaded to video sites by community members. I linked to one of these in my top frontmen post about Reznor, but here’s the main “Your Edits” page – there’s some great stuff there. I’ve just got to try to be patient waiting for my DVDs now!

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